This week we have had multiple scientists and artists speak at the LandArt Symposium 2015, here is a summary of our guest speakers:

ZOOarcheoložka Zdena Sůvová


David Vích

David discussed centuries old animal and human migration patterns as well as his obscure findings in Central Bohemia. To name a few- Several bombs from late 16th century war, many Roman weapons, and Roman crown from 200 BC- how did they get here? He uses effective metal detecting technology from the aircraft, scanning winter month landscapes.

Asol (Daniella)

Asol (Artist Name) arranged CD-Roms upside down into an elaborate and meditative Labyrinth. She chose to use this medium not only because of the LandArt Symposium’s Recylcing theme, but also for the rainbow reflection that it can give off in sunlight and in moonlight. You can travel the labyrinth individually or with a group- however you have to have an open mind when entering it and leaving it. Asol told us as the Labyrinth moves right to left, it connects your right and left hemispheres.

Jana KOKO Kochánková

KoKo brought to us Yoga and meditation on our everyday lives. Her observations are drawn from many years of personal experience gained and passed on with love. On the Czech countryside, on the secret of water, on consciousness and the magic happening around us. In her lecture, KOKO Passed on what she has learned during regular meetings with shamans and especially Master Thu-Hien from Peru.

MgA. Dagmar Šubrtová & PhDr. Radoslava SchmelzováMgA

Dasa and Radka took four years to complete their newly published Art Book about LandArt across the Czech Republic- It can be purchased in any book store in Prague. The pieces displayed in the book speak about Czech sociology and connection to land.

Prof. Kurt Gebauer

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