Planeta Chaos Art in Residence

Chaos 2015

Planet Chaos Artist-in-Residence Program.

The Planet Chaos Association is starting a new program focused on providing creative stays for professional artists, art groups, curators, writers or creative people in other fields such as architecture by special arrangement. Preference will be given to projects taking into account the non-traditional typology and site-specific context of the Galerie Kabinet Chaos space and entire space of the Chaos Homestead. We offer an environment of contemplation and meditation for personal renewal. The residency includes 2 hrs. of “work-therapeutic” help on the homestead land. The complex has woods, flower and vegetable gardens, a carpentry workshop, tools, a projector, plenty of creative odds and ends, local/own produce and fresh air, sunshine, rain and wind. A nearby airstrip for small planes affords lovely views of the surrounding countryside. We encourage you to make friends with our sheep, dog and cats, and the neighbor has horses if you enjoy riding. You may want to live in the “hut on chicken legs”, or a room in the house with an adjacent bathroom. Slowly but surely, we are always building. We are a small, creative team. We curate a small, village gallery – Galerie Kabinet Chaos –
which focuses on artists whose work resonates with nature. Artists-in-residence can present the results of their stay in the gallery. Financial arrangements for residencies are by mutual agreement. Czech grants are sometimes available, but applications should be submitted a year in advance, or artists can make arrangements in their own country. The cost for a one-week stay is roughly 3800 CZK per person, arrangements for additional people are on a case-by-case basis. The price includes accommodation, meals, use of workshop and tools, free reign and creative use of the homestead space, plenty of beautiful scenery and creative people, and use of the gallery or homestead for a one-day final presentation. All residencies will be promoted on our website, in local newspapers, FB and other media.

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